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For the Engineering department of Ship design office in Rotterdam we are looking for Piping design Enginers:

The Piping Design Engineer shall carry out the detailed mechanical design of skid systems, including producing the detailed drawings and bills of material, for production.

This shall include the design of skid structures/frames, pipework design and layout, and the positioning of all components (vessels, valves, instruments) on the skid package. All detailed drawings shall be produced using 3D Inventor software.

Main duties shall include but not be limited to the following:            zadania

•Shall be responsible for skid structure design, piping design and layout, and for positioning all components on the skid package.

•Shall produce the general arrangement drawing of the entire skid package, using Inventor 3D drawing software.

•Shall produce the detailed fabrication drawings and bills of material for production for the skid assembly, including the skid frames, piping manifolds, skid platforms and ladders where required, and skid assembly drawings .

•The Mechanical Design Engineer shall work closely with the project engineers to ensure that all client specifications are considered in the skid design.

•Shall carry out mechanical design calculations to determine suitable design and material thicknesses

•Shall be capable of reading and producing P&IDs

Requirements:                 wymagania

-Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering
-experience in AutoCAD & Inventor is essential
-fluent in English, or German
- 2+ years working experience in similar mechanical design role for skid systems


"We are also considering this vacancy as an internship/graduation opportunity for a student and train them."

Please apply by e-mail, sending your CV and optional covering letter in English to: Reference no: AA-082 (email subjected)

Please, enclose following provision:

I herbly agree tp process my personal data included in my job application due to recruitment process (according to Law on Personal Data Protection from 29 August !997 (Dziennik Ustaw No.133, item 883).

Please be kindly informed that we will contact only selected candidates

Branża: Inżynieria/technika
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